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Maîtrise - Immunologie virale vétérinaire

Direction: Neda Barjesteh

Département de pathologie et microbiologie

Un poste de maîtrise est disponible au laboratoire de la Dre Neda Barjesteh.


This is an opportunity to work on "Regulation of the innate antiviral responses: a new dimension in the host-pathogen interaction". The project will elucidate the complex interplay of the immune system, including the cross-talks of cells of immune system, the role of exosomes and their contents, in enhancing antiviral immune responses against viral infections including avian influenza virus (AIV) in chickens.

The emphasis will be placed on studying the cross-talk between different cells of the immune system and the regulatory mechanisms which coordinate and control antiviral responses. Understanding the fundamental regulation of the innate responses through exosomes and microRNAs is projected to advance the implementation of innovative prophylactic strategies.

This project offers essential direction for future research to tailor antiviral immune responses in the context of viral infections. The proposed project is novel and cross-disciplinary which will allow the trainee in my team to gain experience and knowledge in the fields of viral-immunology and biology.

Starting date

January 2019 or until a suitable applicant is identified.

Highly qualified and motivated students may send their applications to Dr. Neda Barjesteh ( Applicants should also include a letter outlining their interests and qualifications for the position, academic grades and their curriculum vitae.

The candidates must have an interest in viral infections, immunology and veterinary medicine. They should have a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine or a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, or any related fields.

Preference will be given to bilingual students (English and French).