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Experts en : Parasitologie

Fernandez Prada, Christopher


Professeur adjoint

New methods for expediting the discovery of drug targets and increase current understanding of the optimal pharmacology for treating zoonotic-parasite infections would help to reassess current therapies and develop new effective drugs. Despite zoonotic parasites have become a great risk for both Canadians and livestock, their study has undergone neglected for many years. In this way, our research team is trying to tackle major zoonotic parasites (mainly Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Leishmania) by means of innovative therapeutic approaches while understanding the mechanisms underlying drug resistance and ruling host-pathogen interactions. 

The specific objectives of my research program are to:

  • Discover and investigate novel lipid- and exosome-related molecular characters responsible for the development of drug resistance and treatment failure in canine leishmaniosis.
  • Develop novel methods for genetic manipulation in protozoan parasites.
  • Develop novel methods for understanding validated targets in a realistic in vivo environment: “Crysptosporidium and the microbiome”
  • Develop novel high-throughput screening approaches able to target different life-stages of these zoonotic parasites.
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